We built the Roundhouse of Millerton with sustainability, efficiency, and environmental impact at the forefront of all our decisions.

Why round? We bought our home as a kit from Deltec Homes because a round design has a reduced footprint for maximum square footage, lower cost for heating and cooling, and is hurricane proof.

Our home was NYS Energy Star Rated in 2006 as the most energy efficient home in NYS having energy costs 60% less than the average home in NYS. Thankfully there has been a wave of energy efficient development in NYS since 2006 and we are delighted to share that title and most likely have been surpassed.

Other environmentally focused features:

  • Ultra Touch 100% Recycled Blue Jean Denim Insulation
  • Synthetic Gypsum Board (100% recycled from waste materials)
  • AFM Safecoat Non-toxic Biodegradable Paints
  • Trex composite decking (50% recycled plastic, 50% saw dust)
  • Terra Green recycled glass tiles
  • Timber Trek/Timber Pro UV waterbased natural stain
  • Locally grown and responsibly harvest pine floors
  • Reclaimed ABS Drain Vent pipe
  • FSC certified trim work baseboards
  • EnergyStar rated Boiler and indirect water heater
  • EnergyStar fans
  • EnergyStar programmable thermostats
  • Solatube sky tunnel
  • Asko dishwasher 285 KwH/year
  • Kenmore Refrigerator 392 KwH/year
  • NO CARPETING (except in loft space, Reclaimed carpet and padding)
  • 100% PVC free plumbing
  • 100% LED/compact fluorescent lighting fixtures
  • Roof structure pitch to allow insulation to extend over exterior wall joint
  • Southern Exposure used for Passive Solar Heating
  • Solar Panel Array to generate 100%+ electricity needs
  • Reclaimed floor tiles
  • Reclaimed bathroom sink
  • Reclaimed doors
  • Reclaimed shower basin
  • Dual Flush Toilets
  • Efficient shower heads
  • Highest Rated Energy Efficient Marvin Integrity Windows, Argon filled, low-e
  • Timers on outside lights
  • Separate heating zone
  • Reclaimed wood paneling scraps used for closet ceilings
  • Advanced Framing techniques reduced framing wood need by 30%